Guido van der Werf & "The fire department"

Global Fire Emissions Database (GFED)

Over the last decade, the role of fire has been increasingly appreciated. Fires are an important source of atmospheric trace gases and aerosols. In addition, fires used as a tool in the deforestation process and areas that see an increase in the frequency of fires add to the build-up of atmospheric CO2.

We have developed a modelling framework that utilises satellite data on vegetation characteristics and productivity to estimate fuel loads, and combined this with satellite derived burned area to estimate fire emissions. The resulting database is under continuous development, and several groups produce the different layers: burned area (Louis Giglio), monthly emissions (we), and scalars that can be used to estimate emissions on a daily time step as well as diurnal cycles (UCI).

More information, including links on where to download the data can be found on the GFED website. Besides the datasets mentioned above, the website also provides links to emissions estimates on continent- and country-level.