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Research projects

Main research subjects:

Wetlands and river plains, carbon fluxes from terrestrial environments, Ice ages
with an emphasis on modelling.

Current research projects:

Carbon fluxes in peatlands and nature reserves in the Netherlands. Oxidation of peat due to drainage of coastal peatlands may be a major source of atmospheric carbon in the future, due to continuous increase of land reclamation in coastal areas. In the Netherlands, reclamation of peatlands already started in medieval times. Lowering of the water table to maintain or increase accessibility of the peatlands for agricultural use leads to continued oxidation of peat. The aim of this project is to quantify the carbon dioxide and methane release due to these land management practions for different types peatlands. 

Methane and soil carbon fluxes in permafrost environments Predicted global warming will be largest in the Arctic and will severely affect permafrost environments. By increased soil temperature, active layer thickness and primary production this may cause higher methane fluxes from the vast northern lowlands in Eurasia. In this research, part of the EU funded TCOS project, methane fluxes from Siberian tundra and taiga ecosystems are quantified and related to permafrost characteristics. Cooperation with the IBPC (Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Biological Processes of the Crlyolithozone) in Yakutsk

Paleo-carbon fluxes from terrestrial environments. Ice cores show major perturbations of the global carbon cycle in conjunction with rapid climate change during the last glacial. This projects includes reconstruction of paleo-carbon fluxes during the Quaternary, from paleo-ecological data in combination with modelling.


Recent Publications

Scientific publications

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