Janne  koornneef


Isotope geochemistry, Mantle heterogeneity, Melting processes, TIMS and MC-ICPMS technique development

Research interests

My research focusses on high temperature isotope geochemistry. I am particularly interested in the nature of lithological and chemical heterogeneities within the Earth’s mantle (e.g. origin, spatial distribution) and how these heterogeneities are sampled by melts travelling to the surface. I have worked on this subject throughout my career studying lavas and mantle rocks from various tectonic settings using a wide range of geochemical tracers.

Parallel to my passion for mantle geochemistry I am dedicated to laboratory technique development. I am convinced that high quality geochemical data are key to making significant breakthroughs in answering fundamental geological questions. Most recently I focussed on developing techniques on the latest generation TIMS (TRITON-Plus) to measure Sr, Nd and Pb isotope compositions of small geological samples. In collaboration with the instrument manufacturer I tested new amplifier technology that I applied to a wide variety of geological topics: dating individual mineral inclusions in diamonds, dust provenance in ice cores for paleoclimate reconstruction, and melt inclusions in olivine. In addition, these methods are applied across traditional disciplinary boundaries in Art, Archaeological, and Forensic Science.

Research summary

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