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At the moment the main focus of my activities concentrates on the completion of  Marie Curie Initial Training Network GTSnext where I am the scientific coordinator. The principal scientific objective of both the network is to establish the next generation standard Geological Time Scale with unprecedented accuracy, precision and resolution through integration and intercalibration of state-of-the-art numerical dating techniques. Such time scales underlie all fields in the Earth Sciences and their application will significantly contribute to a much enhanced understanding of Earth System evolution.

Further, I am actively involved in EARTHTIME-EU – an ESF Research networking Programme (RNP) - with the organization of the workshop “Absolute timescales for the Quaternary” from 7-11 October 2012. Established techniques for dating the Late Quaternary (14C and U-series) have recently been complemented by several exciting developments including cosmogenic nuclides, optically-stimulated luminesence and 40Ar/39Ar. The meeting is intended to bring together specialists to coordinate this research effort at a European level.

My current research concentrates on the geochronology of late Cretaceous – early Paleogene sections in the Western Interior Basin in the USA and Canada.

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