The Barranco del Gredero, near Caravaca, Provincia de Murcia, Espana

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(now appearing in the J. of Iberian geology (.pdf)

Overview of the KT boundary interval in the Barranco del Gredero, the boundary clay slopes to the left in the mid-foreground and is exposed from the top right to the bottom left in the man Barranco

Paleocene section (see graph) from the K/T boundary to the P3 (G. uncinata Zone), P3 is confined to the 5m red band in the middle of the Paleocene section. Some calcareous turbidite intervals are visible in the middle of the picture

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Chicxulub ejecta layer, at the locality marked by a cross of Figure 1. The tektonic slickensides that follow usually the claylayer just above or inside the ejecta layer, are here fortuitously high in the dark boundary clay.

Ejecta layers at the Barranco del gredero at the locality in the middle (GPS.........) Polished surface, about half of the microkrystites are here white and altered into a low- ordered K-feldspar, sanidine. The other half is here not visible, but consist of flattened smectite, stained red by iron oxides. Ni-rich spinel crystals seem floating in a the matrix, but actually occur within spherules

Thin section of a microkrystite from the K/T boundary ejecta layer of Caravaca The fibrous fans of crystals of sanidine, lined by goethite, are pseudomorph after Ca-rich augite (as found at DSDP site 577) , or a ca-rich plagioclase, of which no original phase has been traced yet

Quench spinel, Cr and Ni rich magnesioferrite from sample sm75-503. These spinels can be easily extracted from the matrix, because the host spherule has weathered to soft clay that disaggregates in peroxide (SEM image by Saskia Kars)

Quench spinel, Cr and Ni rich magnesioferrite from sample sm75-503.(SEM image by Saskia Kars)

For comparison, the graded Tetritskaro, Rep. of Georgia, layer of microkrystite spherules

 Literature about the geology of the surroundings of Caravaca, can be downloaded as Word or EndNote file

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