Incomplete K/Pg boundary transition (Relleu 3). The K/Pg hardground contains abundant ferromanganese, cherty nodules, marking a hiatus from Maastrichtian to Oligocene (relleu-3)



Relleu-1 outcrop. Hammer head (handle is 35 cm) rests on the impact layer. At the tip of the handle is the hard limestone indicating a bloom of calcareous dinoflagelates (Thoracosphaera). This layer occurs at all sections just above the eugubina zone in the Spanish Betic continental margin

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There are several outcrops of the K/Pg boundary. Only two adjacent outcrops, Relleu 1 and 2, along the road CV755 are complete biostratigraphically.



Locations of Relleu 1 and 2 sections (see ten Kate, W. G. H. Z., and Sprenger, A., 1993, Orbital cyclicities above and below the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary at Zumaya (N Spain), Agost and Relleu (SE Spain): Sedimentary Geology, v. 87, p. 69-101.)

Google Earth Relleu 1:

Locations of the channel with giant flutecasts and relleu-3 the K/T boundrary with manganese crust.

 KPg Outcrops around Relleu, Provincia de Alicante, Spain
flutes-channel   spherules  
Large turbidite-filled channel, incised in Maastrichtian Marls (large) Spherules at the outcrop Relleu 1 (large)