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Chicxulub Crater Debates: Is the Chicxulub crater the K/T boundary killer or Not?

After Keller et al got their controversial stuff published in the Proceedings of the National Acedemy of Sciences (PNAS), many reactions have followed. See some examples below!

Look here for thin sections, SEM backscatter images and cathode luminescence images of the controversial interval.

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Here is true story that also denies the K/T Mass-extinction, based on believable witness accounts! (CCnet 16-03-2004)

From the Glasshouse of Princeton, Jason Morgan is fooled by Keller: Read my lips: "these are true foraminifers!" (CCnet 24-03-2004)

Here are some slides that gives insight in the value of the foraminifers, glauconite and stable isotope analyses PNAS publication

Look here for the Yaxcopoil-1 core segment 793.85 to 794.60 m: the transition of the impact to post-impact crater infill,

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