wrong dinosaur This dinosaur is suffering its end for the wrong reason, a volcano on a passive margin.

"Dinosaur war in the Apennines", Volcanoes or Asteroid impact?
"Duel about the dinosaurs"
"Last round of the dinosaur debate" ,
"Face-Off in Italy: What killed the dinosaurs?"

are some of the glaring headlines following the blind sampling trip to Gubbio in Italy, undertaken to find out whether any impact evidence could be found above and below the K/Pg boundary. Did these journalists know you cannot find any dinosaurs there?
The only skeleton found in Italy is in the Museum in Gubbio (shown here below)

italian dinosaur

This hadrosaur lower jaw is on display at the Artis Geologisch museum, but here it is when I found it in the Bug Creek area, a little south of Lonnie's bench, exposed some 15 m below the K/T boundary in the overbank "gumbo" clays of the Hell Creek formation



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