ODP Site 1049A-17x-2, 57cm, Backscatter SEM images of lowermost Paleocene interval, Blake Nose, Florida. (see core segment here)
This interval is still enriched in iridium. Amazingly, similar dolomite rhombs as found at Yaxcopoil-1 do occur here too, suggesting that these dolomite particles are ejecta from the Chicxulub crater.

last updated:October 5, 2004
Sem backscatter image. Zoned dolomite rhomb and non-filled Thoracosphaera Cl, same dolomite rhomb, same size. ODP 1049a,
Backscatter SEM, Cl and Tl image of the same area of a polished thin section from 1049a-17x-2, 57cm. Dolomite crystal floating in micrite matrix and numerous triserial planktic foraminifers. Air(epoxy) filled foraminifers show no CL reflection at all.