Comments on the paper by Keller et al 2004, "More evidence that the Chicxulub impact predates the K/T mass extinction", Meteoritics and Planetary science MAPS, vol. 39. p.1127-1144, And on the paper by Stinnesbeck et al (2004), International Journal of Earth Sciences (Geologische Rundschau) (available Online) (or here) Quotes from Keller in pink,
foraminifers? burrows? iridium anomaly? micritic limestone?  
magnetostratigraphy? hardgrounds? cathode luminescence? cheto smectite? glauconite?
mega-tsunami?  multiple spherule layers?       
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Fig 1 of Stinnesbeck et al 2004 (GR online) NASA radar altimetry with superimposed gravity rings Gravity anomalies over Chicxulub
These images were overlain here below, to make Ham and Cheese from the "Crater" proposed in figure 1 of Stinnesbeck et al

Misrepresented Mismatch with gravity data
The so-called "crater" published by Stinnesback et al is a complete mismatch with earlier published gravity data, that clearly indicate a crater size of about 180km diameter.Move your mouse over the images to see the comparison