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New: Chengjiang fossils

last updated: 23-May-2005

On this page you will find a selection of fossils which I found interesting, or have collected through the years.
Some need further research. If you like more information, Email me at: Put smit for xxxx

Spirifer verneuilli

Ardennes, Frasnian, Belgium
cross-section through the lophophores.

Atrypa reticularis, Frasnian, Belgium as above.
Showing lophophores



A fossil? Almost. It's a piece of bristlecone pine, one of the slowest growing thing in the world


Same piece. See the tree-ring spacing? that is close to 5-10 a mm (scale)


Ammonite with aptychus. Solnhofen limestone from Eichstatt, Bavaria


Ammonite in Black Shale interval, Coniacian, Oued Medjedja, Tunisia
Base of the basin of the K/T boundary GSSP near El Kef.


Crinoid calyx with  arms. Found in Ordovician strata, north of Monterey, West Virginia. Fortuitously found in the Monterey river, during a sanitary stop in the Appalachians.


Underside of the calyx of a crinoid.

From the trilobitenfelder near Gees, east of Gerolstein, Germany.


Asteropyge/metacanthina (sp)
From the trilobitenfelder near Gees, east of Gerolstein, Germany.

scale mm.

Scaly enigma from the Pridolian graptolite shales of the Sierra de Albarracin.
E of Checa

monograptus for scale

Sharktooth from the Boomklein near Boom, Belgium

Sutureline of an Albian ammonite from the Boulonnais, France.
Phosphatized ammonite mould

Cross section through a Nautoloid. ? Jurassic, France

Facet-eye from Phacops latifrons, Gees, Eiffel mountains Germany. Middle Devonian

Phacops latifrons?, Geeser trilobitenfelder, Eifelian, gerolsein Eiffel

L sprattiformis. Sonlhofener plattenkalken, Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany

Fish (Placodus) from Sierra de Montsech, near Tremp, Lerida, Spanish Pyrenees

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