peudomorph tektites

Top clastic complex

Lajilla clastic beds
From bottom to top:

Anti-dune ripples
Climbing ripples with alternating current directions.
Parallel lamination (at lens cap)


Spherules (pseudomorph from Tektites) from the basal layer.
The tektites are altered in pure sparry calcite, and the former gas-bubbles are also filled with sparry calcite.(click on one for an enlargement)

In between the tektite pseudomorphs occur abundant rounded, concentrically layered limestone fragments (click on one for an enlargement). These limestone fragments show signs of recrystallisation, and contain also bubbled.



top clastic bed

Top of the clastic beds at lajilla.

The dark, silty beds are eriched in iridium, the (light) sandstone lenses are not.
A Zoophycos fan-burrow crosses the top sandstone.