Tektites at the K/T boundary

Dogie Creek Wyoming


K/T tektite page

The bubble in the middle of the tektite. It did not know where to go, so it stayed in the middle. That's typical behaviour for a bubble in zero gravity! Those bubbles are inherited through various stages of diagenetic alteration of these spherules around the Gulf of Mexico

Strewnfields of tektites (impact glass droplets) and microkrystites at the K/T boundary, click on the Gulf area to get a map of all the tektite localities!


broken spherule with internal bubbles. The brown material is goyazite SrAl3(PO4)2(OH)5·(H2O)

Enlargement, showing the shiny(=very smooth) interior of the cavities. The white material is anhydrite

SEM image of the outside of the blunt end of a droplet, showing flowlines that are probably inherited from the glass precursor (see Australasian tektites)

SEM image of a broken droplet with flowlines

SEM image of entire droplet with flowstructures








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