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Disappeared there, (For reasons outlined at their website and here below)
but is now at JibJab (to download for $2.95)


Before I tell you about the total and utter insanity that has been going on at JibJab over the past few days, you should know that my brother and I have read each and every post to our blog and we thank you profusely for your feedback!  We laughed.  We cried.  We experienced the whole spectrum of human emotion.  Then we hit SEND/RECEIVE on our email and HOLY SHEET!  We haven’t stopped moving since!
Did you ever see that TV commercial with the people gathered around the computer watching their website traffic go up and up?  At first they’re thrilled, then the panic sets in?  That’s us about three days ago.  Now we feel more like “The Old Man and the Sea”.  We’re the old man, JibJab is the skiff and you people are one giant mutha f’ing shark! 
Ever since Brian Wilson put us on FOX News, our server has been buckling under pressure, serving millions and millions of movies around the world.  It’s amazing to think that two brothers in a warehouse in Santa Monica can create and distribute a cartoon worldwide without the help of a mega media conglomerate.  The Inter-web is a beautiful thing! 
We were in the midst of heralding the arrival of the New Media Revolution when our server company called and told us how much it was going to cost to deliver all those cartoons...  GULP!  Let me put it this way, if any of you are considering getting into the business of charging $2.99 for a cartoon download, drop what you are doing and seek professional help immediately.  I’m not kidding.  We’re on track to do 30 terabytes of data transfer this month.  For the laymen out there let me give you a simple formula: 30 terabytes of data transfer = $$$$$$$$$$$$.
My brother and I make cartoons because we want people to see them.  It kills us that our server can’t handle all your requests.  It’s like you’re inviting us into your lives and our server is telling you to F’ off!  We love you dearly, but our server is a two-bit whore.
We are working around the clock to increase capacity.  Besides solving bandwidth crises, writing and animating cartoons, my brother and I have numerous executive responsibilities here at JibJab like taking out trash and mopping the floor.  If you try to contact us and it takes a little while for us to get back to you, forgive us.  We’re obsessed with treating you the way we’d want to be treated ourselves.  But we’re just two guys and, like we said, you all are one big ass shark! 
Hoping we make it back to shore with more than just skin and bones,
Gregg & Evan  
PS – To give you an idea of how busy we are, my brother just proof read a print-out of this blog entry while taking a leak.  I wish I were kidding.  He gave me back the paper and I don’t think he washed his hands.
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