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Jan Smit Eventstratigraphy
Three suspects at the headquarters of the Parco de Conero in Sirolo
Recipient of the 2012 Barringer medal
barringer medal
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Two examples of Zero gravity. On the right dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, in the ISS space station experimenting with a floating bleb of water in which he injected a bubble of air. On the left a K-Pg tektite from Beloc, Haiti. The image left is proof that the tektite was once melted, and solidified in space in free fall (=zero gravity) outside the atmosphere, before it re-entered the atmpshere. The air-pressure in the bubble is practically zero, same as the environment where it solidified.

Asteroid 19140 Jan Smit.

Registered by Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker
(see JPL small bodies database here)

Triassic-Jurassic, here we come!
NEW! IODP Chicxulub drilling April1-June1-2016
Recipient of the 2016 van Waterschoot van der Gracht penning
vwvdg-penning vwvdg