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Terminology of inoceramids

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Cirriped borings in inoceramus sheel


Doulbe valved inoceramid

Huge inoceramid from Kansas

For a larger one:here

inoceramids with oysters

bedding plane with rare Inoceramids

Borings on inoceramus shell

enlarged borings

large double valve from the cliffs of Zumaya

bedding plane with double valved inoceramids

cross section of large inoceramid, with oysters on the right side of the shells

inner side of a large inoceramid shell. the oysters overgrowth on the other side leaves an imprint, which means they must have grown on the inoceramid shell during its growth.(image from 1999)

De grootste! (zie hier) (Gomez Alday en Elorza 2003) Same specimen as above, taken January 2005